Vote For Sport


Sport is Scotland's greatest social movement; it encompasses some 900,000 regular participants, almost one fifth of the Scottish population, and inspires a nation enthralled by sport.

The Scottish Sports Alliance believes that the Scottish Government, Parliament and politicians need to recognise and celebrate the significant contribution of sport to Scotland and the unique role, value and potential of sport to help our nation to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Please click on our #WhySportMatters resources to learn more about this.

No other social activity provides Scotland with so much. The voters of Scotland want to know if you will promote sport for the betterment of Scotland and sign up to the Pledge.

Therefore we ask you to sign the Scottish Sports Alliance’s VoteforSport Pledge:

We’ll be out and about with our medal sign at events for you to physically sign and be photographed with but if we don’t see you in person, please email copying in the above pledge and we’ll add you to the website list of those PPCs who have shown their support for sport!